Tribute to sponsors of Auction for Pink-Art Kallista

  The auction house MYRÓ Antiques House, in collaboration with the non-profit organization "Alma Zois of Thessaloniki Prefecture", the Armenian Community, the internationally renowned artist, Kallista Ivanova, the UK-based Russian boat company Vik Yachts and the International University of Of Greece organized for another year an artistic event aimed at supporting women with breast cancer. On Wednesday 15 May 2019 at 8 pm Thessaloniki's artistic audience had the opportunity to attend and participate in the charity auction of photography that took place at MYRÓ Gallery, at Nikiforos Fokas street 8. Greek and Armenian artists exhibited their photos in a context of artistic and cultural cooperation.
The photos that were auctioned were in A3 size and printed in aluminum. The starting price for all was at € 10 due to charity, without reflecting their true value. The "hit" of each project was also attributed to the buyer and his corresponding certificate of authenticity. 50% of the money was spent on the charitable purpose of the Salt Lake County Salonica, alongside the existence of an optional entry fee of € 5, which would be entirely given to the organization. More information about the event can be found at

None of the above would have been realized without the contribution of the great benefactor of the event, the international artist Kallista Ivanova, who supported this effort not only in terms of economic nature, but also by worshiping her place with the works of art as well as her husband and his boat company, Vik Yachts. 
Secondly, but equally important was the contribution of the International University of Greece and Professor Athanasios Kaisis to the organization and preparation of this charity event.

About Kallista Ivanova
Ivanova Kallista Samvelovna is an artist from Russia, with Armenian roots. he is a writer of new trends in the world of art. Kallista creates unusual decorative paintings using the author's technique and is also the creator of modern print designs for clothes, dishes and accessories. Ivanova Kallista is married and has two children. She is a graduate of tertiary education and works in the field of contemporary art, creating exclusive decorative paintings. He participated in solo and international art exhibitions. Kallista uses the author's technique to create decorative paintings and works in a completely new style of art. It is the ancestor of a new trend in art. Many competent experts are unanimous in the fact that Kallista Ivanova's work is a piece, an image of art, beauty and style. Kallista's grandfather was a decorator. Created decorative membranes, painted walls, designed carpets and much more

In 31 of May the United Kingdom of England was delivered to Kallista the international catalogue of contemporary art: 100 artists of the future  in this catalogue published 100 best artists from all over the world, and also in this edition published Kallista created art works, paintings performed in the style of artkallista style.

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