Russian Art Week in Greece / Неделя русского искусства в Греции

The Eurasian Art Union, the Greek art Fund Myrό Art Fund and the gallery Myrό invite artists
from Europe, Russia and Asia to take part in the international exhibition and competition of
contemporary art Next Art Week in Greece.
At this exhibition will be presented works of painting, graphics, decorative and textile art,
sculpture and photography in the following areas - modern and contemporary.
A large charity auction will be held as part of the exhibition, at which paintings of artists
participating in the exhibition will be offered to famous people of the Greek establishment.
Dates: February, 26 – March,3, 2019.
Opening ceremony: March 26, 2019, 19:00 (7 P.M.)
Myrό Gallery Address: Nikiforu Fokas St., Thessaloniki, Greek Republic
Νικηφόρου Φωκά 8, στο Κέντρο της Θεσσαλονίκης / Nikephorou Phokas 8, Thessaloniki

Exhibition concept
Art is one of those areas where language borders are not terrible. It is understandable in
every country, regardless of lifestyle and culture. We are pleased to present you an exhibition
of authors who draw their inspiration from the infinite variety of their originality. Our eyes are
focused on the future and we would like to visualize dreams and thoughts about the future.

Brief information about the venue of the exhibition - the gallery Myrò
A large number of European artists began their careers with an exhibition in the Greek gallery
Myrò! Myrό Gallery functions as a multi-dimensional gallery of contemporary art since 2011,
with an annual schedule of exhibitions in its distinguishable spaces, and shows the works
and projects of hundreds of artists from Europe and America. Occupying a significant place in
the visual arts in Greece, and especially in the city of Thessaloniki, within the distinguishable
halls of which it consisted, the gallery has a central entrance at Nikiforu Fokas Street 8, next
to the landmark Lefkos Pyrgos (White Tower), in the historical center of the city. The
spaces that are part of the Myro Gallery update the parallel exhibitions once a month,
opening them on the same evening.

All participants of the project Next Art Week in Greece are published in the catalog.
Languages of the catalog: Greek, English, Russian.
The catalog goes to the beginning of the exhibition.
Exhibition Organizers:
Eurasian Art Union
Myrό Art Fund
Gallery Myrό
By support: World Fund of Arts
The project is supported by the Art Management Section of the Creative Union of Artists of
Russia, NextArt Global Art Agency and the World Art Foundation.
We invite residents and guests of the ancient city of Thessaloniki to visit the “Next Art Week
in Greece” contemporary art exhibition.

Below we present you the names of the artists that will take part in the exhibition:
Erika Petunovienė (AYTĖ) Lithuania
Egle Petraviciute Lithuania
Aldoshina Zaza Anastasiia Russia
Akimova Maria Vladimirovna (MARYSOL) Russia
Denisova Tamara Vladimirovna Belarus
Ivanova Kallista Russia
Kazarina Natalya Yuryevna Russia
Lola Lonli Russia
Maria Matyu (Maria Mikhaylovna Matyukina) Russia
Morachevskaya Ekaterina Viktorovna Russia
Okuneva Victoria Ivanovna Russia
Polyushina Lubov’ Russia
Petukhova Olga Pavlovna Russia
Reshetnikova Elvira Nailevna Russia
Ruseva Zdravka Aleksandrovna Bulgaria
Soroka Elena Russia
Saiko Vladimir Grigorjevich Belarus
Sanji-Goryaeva Inna Petrovna Russia
Skabarina Angelina Pavlovna Russia
Taraday Lyubava Nikolaevna Russia
Troshkina Irina Dmitrievna Russia
Tileman Anastasia Russia
Fulman Svetlana Eduardovna Russia
Chadina Valentina Aleksandrovna Russia
Chashchinsky Anatoly Dmitrievich Russia
Organizing Committee in Moscow:
Ph.: +7 (495) 5068044
Ph.: +7 (925) 4338821
Whatsapp / Viber: +7 (985) 4811118

The day of the Opening Ceremony of the Russian Art Week in Greece (26th of February 2019, 19:00) the choir of the Russian Club of Thessaloniki will be with us!

The upcoming and talented, Russian sculptor Giorgi Spiridonov will be exhibiting his works in the Art Shop sector of our gallery, during the Russian Art Week in Greece!

The Russian Art Week is the main project of a series of exhibitions that will take place at MYRÓ Gallery. Alongside with it there will be a parallel solo art exhibition of the Russian, art school graduate, Masha Ladilova and a multidimensional event from the collaboration of the Russian Center of Thessaloniki and the Virtual Branch of Russian State Museum of St. Petersburg.

Solo Exhibition - Masha Ladilova:

The Russian Center of Thessaloniki at MYRÓ Gallery:

During the Opening Ceremony of the Russian Art Week in Greece, MYRÓ Gallery has the pleasure to invite Adriana Gaponova and Ariadni Rova, the Finalists of Greece's Got Talent contest.

Finalists of Greece's Got Talent:

On Saturday March 2nd at 8:00 pm we close the Russian Art Week in Greece with a Russian disco party for young and old.

Russian Disco Closing Party: 

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