Non curated exhibitions & independent third party projects

Myrό Gallery  functions as a multispace contemporary art gallery since 2011, with a yearly schedule of exhibitions in its distinguishable spaces, and has shown the works and projects of hundreds of artists. With a significant footprint in Visual Arts in Greece, and especially the city of Thessaloniki within the distinguishable rooms its consisted of, the gallery has its central entrance in the address 8, Nikiforou Foka Street, nearby the landmark monument of “Lefkos Pyrgos” (White Tower), in the historical centre of the city. The spces consisting Myro Gallery are renewing parallel exhibitions once a month, opening them the same evening each.

From this year and on, Myro Gallery is pioneering with yet another significant  way. Regardless of the main schedule of exhibitions, and in a timeschedule which falls among them, the Gallery can hold independent, non curated exhibitions, art shows and accommodate other projects. In these occasions the spaces consisting Myro Gallery will be rented to third parties, such as Freelance curators, artists, collectives and other groups focusing in art, visual or otherwise. third parties  who would like to use the space for a week or two otherwise are usually welcome, but under discussion. For instance the spaces can be used for projections, promotion campaigns, book presentation nights, arts & crafts small festivals or shows, speeches, and educational purposes. The benefits included in the rental cost of space would include are an office  worker, high speed wireless network internet access (WiFi) 24Mbit. In addtion, a technical advisor to assist in setting visual arts exhibitions and show.

Along with the availability of space, a series of complementary services are implemented, such as support with the local media (Press Office), Opening party, printed invites & posters, Advertising, photoghraphy & video documentation of the events, and more.

For further information please send us an email, with you contact data (email, phone number, full name and address) and portfolio today for review, to provide you with a custom made proposal fitting your requirements  at

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