WIT 2014 | A welcome to the world of watermedia

Thessaloniki, September 10, 2014

Watercolor is one of the oldest and most difficult media in painting. Through the years, it has changed drastically. Great watercolorists experimented and found new ways of expression and new techniques.

Contemporary watermedia techniques cover  watercolor, watercolor pencils and markers, gouache, egg tempera, acrylics, collage and even more…  The transparent or pure watercolor is the traditional technique, but in my opinion (and according to most watercolor or watermedia societies in the world) there is no need to stay “loyal” to it and, thus, miss the opportunities given by the use of the other watermedia techniques. The experimentation is extended beyond the colors. New papers are used, synthetic papers and even we now even have watercolor on different supports (like canvas, giving the feel of oils or acrylics).

What is most important both to the artist and to the viewers is to have an end result of an exciting painting. The different paths followed to realize it are of no particular importance.

Watermedia give freedom to the artists to be more bold, free, to rework and change a painting, to produce results with more impact… More and more artists experiment with watermedia and exhibitions focus in presenting experimental watermedia.

George Politis 
-Chairman of the Association of
Visual Artists of Northern Greece
- Signing member of
the  Royal Institute of Painters
in Watercolours of the UK,
- Signing member of
the American Watercolor Society

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