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The first stage of the Initiative as it started on 10 May 2013, presented one of the biggest Symposiums of sculpture in Greece, as a continuous project producing sculptures of marble. This symposium phase officially ended on 22 August 2013, when we stopped accepting applications for inclusion in the ongoing process of the Summer 2013 Symposium. Until that time, through a simple process of meetings and proposals for projects sculptures, each sculptor with a particular focus on the marble took place while the Greek Marble Intiative had marble, and other facilities (utilities, assistants, accommodation). The Symposium 2013 Initiative took place in the premises of Myro Antiques House in Souroti Thessaloniki.

Almost an entire museum with sculptures produced during the largest marble Symposium in Greece which took place from late May to plant the Myro Antiques House, Souroti in Thessaloniki , under the initiative of an antique dealer, auctioneer and collector Stavros Muronidis. Hundreds of tons of Greek marble carved by 26 sculptors from Greece and around the world who have created over 200 monumental sculptures and smaller ones. The outstanding interest from all over the world encouraged us to look into repeating the organization of a Symposium and continuing with our work.
Throughout the symposium, a large number of visitors toured the facilities and experience the production process of sculptures, guided by sculptors
themselves. The participating sculptors are Gabriel Andronikidis, Thanos Karonis, Paraskevas Magiras, Ciprian Ηopirtean, Giorgos Iliopoulos, Odysseas Tosounidis, Ioannis Bizas, Maria Chalvatzi , Thanasis Pallas, Alekos Tzomakas, Stratos Pallas, George Kikotis , Andrej Mitevski, George Kaltsidis , Vitaly Gnatyuk, Filippos Kalamaras, Antonis Magriotis, Kamen Tanev, Efstathia Papargyriou, Albena Mihaylova, George Spyridonov, Michael Vouzounerakis, Gelas Kessidis, Giorgie Cpajak, Sherry Tipton, Edward Fleming.

Those sculptors that belong to the team of the Initiative will continue working despite the official annnouncement of the end of the Symposium 2013, till they deliver their works

The action of Greek Marble Initiative is continued , and includes exhibitions , events and other activities to promote overseas and inside. The first symposium phase produced more than 200 monumental sculptures and smaller, and not only in marble though it dominates the vast majority of projects, and raised a lot of interest from individuals in foreign countries.

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