Vikram Nayak -Αναλυτικό Βιογραφικό και Εκθέσεις (Αγγλικά)


I am as ancient as the traditions, principles, and human values. I am as recent as the time itself.
As I understand the layers of human life and identify the colours I meet in my life, by chance or by design, numerous wordless forms get accumulated within me. I use these forms to render newness to perceptions.
My works go through trouble, friction, conflict, and agreement, all at once, as they emerge outwards from secrets of thought and visual. Just when they seem to be getting simple, they break free and approach a new form. I consciously put the known and unknown aspects of human emotions and values in a sequence, so that I can give shape to an omnipresent experience through a simple depth of lines and colours. I begin a composition with an element and harness my inner potential and thought process to move forward. In this journey I am aware that there is a lot which is obvious and needs to be hidden and there is a lot that is unseen and must be expressed.
The first line that I draw on the canvas is an indicator of further results. It guides me and shows the path forward. A creation takes birth here. It is measure that decides the temperature of each element and warmth it can contribute to its surroundings. My paintings and I flow together. We both leave a part of our space for each other’s specialities. I stay as involved as distant from the world within my painting and the one outside it. So that I can move seamlessly from one to another and back. It allows me and my painting to breathe in fresh air and relish the relation between art and artist for long.

Exhibitions & Camps
Shridharani  Gallery, New Delhi, 2010
Triveni Gallery , New Delhi, 2005
Triveni Gallery , New Delhi, 2003


International Art Exhibition (Thessaloniki) Greece, 2010
52nd National Exhibition , Lalit Kala Akademi,Kolkata 2010
Group show, Hotel Lalit , New Delhi , 2010
AIFACS Annual Exhibition,2007
Alliance Francaise art gallery, 2006
Gallery Art Folio, Chandigarh,2004
India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2004
Art for Nation (AIFACS), New Delhi,2003
Goethe Institute, Germany, 2002 & 2001
Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi, 2001
Vyakt Art Gallery, 2003
Annual Youth Exhibition (Sahitya Kala Parishad)
AIFACS, New Delhi, 2002
Exhibition Design and visual for retrospective on
Vijay Tendulkar during the Katha Chudamani Award, 2001
French Information Resource Center, New Delhi, 2002
Artist’s camp Organized by Sahitya Kala Parishad 8th, 11th &
13th Yuva Mahotsava, New Delhi, 1993, 1996 & 2003 respectively
Intre University Young Artist’s Festival / Camp, North zone, Ludhiana 1995
All India Inter University Young Artist’s Festival / Camp, Chandigarh, 1997

Working as a professional artist, illustrator and cartoonist since 1996.His work has been included in various exhibition, daily newspaper, .magazines, animation films, TV serials, doucumentry  films.
Act and anchoring two TV serials & one documentary film (raja Rave Verma) as leading role Raja Ravi Verma.
Written & Directed (LO BAN GAI KHICHDI) a hindi comedy play

Achievements & Awards

Selection of Mural design for Science Museum of Boston(USA)2005  
Selection of poster design for international viewer ship on childlabour, Neitherlands,2000
Kala Ratan Award(patitapwan kala kandre)2006
All India First Prize in poster (all India youth festival)chandigarh
Best Student Award( college Crest award)1995-96
Delhi University Award for best performance in art & culture Field 1995-96, 1996-97
Delhi University Student Union Award for fine arts 1995-96, 1996-97
YMNA Award for painting,2003
SUVA vuex Foundation Award ,2004
UNFPA Award for Poster Making,1993

During 1994-97,as a student , Vikram has received around 67 awards for his achievements as an artist & illustrator, for painting, poster, caricature, illustration and theatre.

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