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Born in 19.05.1982 in Kozani, Greece. She studied art management and worked as a curator in Istanbul. As an artist she has staged personal exhibitions and paricipated in group shows in Greenland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy,Greece and Turkey. Presently, she studies the Byzantine art of iconography. She lives and works in Grevena.

Επεξήγηση / συνοδευτικό κείμενο του έργου:

Ink on paper
The impossibility of taking a step forward or backward about introducing sense to one’s own existence and making its heaviness light, which is the most basic and common problem of mankind, makes the concepts of lightness and heaviness more complex . Is the heaviness of the happiness of existence really something hateable? Indeed is lightness that appealing? Despite the heaviness of the burden, our lives get closer to the earth … Whereas, on the other hand, getting away from the mundane being makes all our actions immortal  and sets us free. In this case , is it possible to aruge that there is no paradox here? And which one is better, heaviness or lightness?

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